The independent companies under the McNally Group banner share a common commitment to integrity, excellence and innovation. They are:  McNally Industries, LLC (McNally Industries), Pacific Aero Tech, LLC (Pacific Aero Tech), and Sun Country Industries, LLC (Sun Country Industries).  We are dedicated to superior customer service and take a disciplined approach to everything we undertake. The McNally Group operates in three market segments: Defense, Aerospace and Aftermarket. Collaboration between the independent companies brings comprehensive services and significant value to our customers.

McNally Defense

These companies offer integrated solutions and services that enable Warfighter superiority in airborne, ground and shipboard applications.

McNally Industries offers hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision-machined components for critical defense and aerospace applications. The company is a full-service manufacturer providing product design, engineering and testing as well as precision make-to-print manufacturing.

Northern Pump is recognized as the premier producer of positive displacement pumps. The company specializes in high-performance pumps required in extremes of pressure, temperature and viscosity. Examples include the electronic cooling pump for the Phalanx Close In Weapon System, nuclear reactor cooling, pumps for transfer and lubricating, and our specialty ground cart cooling pumps for aircraft electronics.  Northern Pump is a division of McNally Industries.

McNally Aerospace Aftermarket

Recognized as a leader in the maintenance and repair of aircraft windows and avionics, Pacific Aero Tech facilities include state-of-the-art window and avionics shops and the world's largest in-house exchange pool of new, rebuilt and overhauled passenger and cockpit windows.

McNally Aerospace

For the past sixty years, Sun Country Industries has been manufacturing finished components and assemblies for spacecraft, aviation controls, jet engines and the medical and scientific markets. Sun Country Industries specializes in close-tolerance machining and precision assembly of jet engine and airframe components, assemblies and kits.