The McNally Group offers comprehensive design engineering services focused on solving practical problems for our customers and the Warfighter. Our services include:

  • Original design: Generally for a customer application adhering to form, fit and functionality requirements. Example: Phalanx Coolant Pump.
  • Re-Engineering: Improvement of an existing design addressing specific shortcomings or achieving desired enhancements. Examples: CH-47 Cargo Hook, UH-60 Helicopter Tooling, Mk 6 Ammunition Hoist.
  • Reverse Engineering: Using state-of-the-art tools, reproducing an exact duplicate of an original design. This is generally undertaken for a legacy system where the original manufacturer no longer exists. Example: Bradley Fighting Vehicle/Paladin Transmission Pump (also an example of a re-engineering effort).
  • Development of Technical Data Packages (TDPs): This effort is undertaken for customers whose TDPs are missing; are of such poor quality; or were developed using prior technology (e.g. 2D vs 3D). We can review TDPs for accuracy and completeness, or develop entirely new full data packages. Many examples for the U.S. Army.
  • Review of design for manufacturability: Our customers’ design engineers work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing experts to ensure that no non-critical features are designed into the product that would have the effect of unnecessarily increasing manufacturing cost. Example: Rudder Pedal assemblies (Eclipse Aerospace).

As part of our engineering services, we produce qualifying units that are tested to ensure conformance to all customer requirements. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow a seamless handoff from design to qualification to production, should our customers so choose.