Values Statement

Each of the McNally Group's independent companies will provide our customers with high-quality products delivered on time. We will continually improve the capabilities and effectiveness of our business processes through measurement, training, communication and investment. We will treat our associates, customers, suppliers and financial partners with honesty, integrity and respect.


We believe that the best decisions are made by talented local management teams who have an in-depth understanding of their capabilities, customer requirements and market opportunities; and who have appropriate incentives to build the long-term value of their operations. This philosophy manifests itself in an organizational structure in which each operating company is led by a general manager who has full P&L responsibility for his or her company.

Success in managing the McNally Group comes from empowering local management teams to run their businesses and, at the same time, staying close enough to participate in tactical decisions and respond quickly to investment opportunities. To make this work, the McNally Group corporate team gets to know all of the customers and employees at each independent operating company. This level of knowledge allows a very lean corporate staff to be included in major discussions and decisions while providing management depth at the local level.